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Canadian Juice Monsters (CJM) Forum Canada: The forum for Anabolics and Bodybuilding discussions

Canadian Juice Monsters

Canada’s Trusted  Anabolics & Bodybuilding Forum

The Canadian Juice Monsters (CJM) forum, known for its discussions on steroids in Canada, has a rich history dating back to 2004. Over the years, it has undergone significant transformations, earning its reputation as a leading Canadian anabolics and bodybuilding community. In the early days, Canadian Juice Monsters didn’t always have their recognizable name, instead being branded as something else entirely. However, as we explore and take a trip down CJM memory lane, we will discover how this great forum came to be!

During the early days of bodybuilding, there were only a few bodybuilding forums. I dare say that Canadian Juice Monsters was the first Canadian one. At the time, it was tough to find any Canadian forums to get inspiration from because the internet existed in an extremely primitive form.

Before Google, finding CJM was quite hard. Basically, we had to search AAS forums across the US to find Canadians and explain that CJM existed. Not everyone would politely turn us down; other more enthusiastic people were happy to find a forum they could call their own.

The early days of Canadian Juice Monsters were small, in fact, you could have probably counted the entire membership on one hand and one foot! This was both a blessing and a curse. With a smaller size, we developed close friendships that helped us feel like part of a team, but it also made things more challenging at times because we didn’t have much room for growth. Regardless, our members bonded over Anabolic Steroid related topics unique to Canada. It might be hard to imagine what conversations were like back then when comparing them to today’s resources – but in many ways, it was revolutionary and such an achievement for everyone involved. We were “on the scene” during those early years and found ourselves starting a new frontier. It was exciting being there with everyone who cared about Anabolic Steroids and wanted to do something about it too!


Navigating CJM in the Pre-Google Era


Before Google’s dominance, discovering CJM was no easy feat. Members scoured AAS (Anabolic Androgenic Steroids) forums in the US, tirelessly explaining the existence of CJM to fellow Canadians. This dedicated effort introduced many to a forum they could call their own. While today’s resources have expanded, those early conversations were revolutionary and foundational for the community.

As the popularity of this new forum spread, Canadian Juice Monsters wanted to find new ways to attract members. Whenever we had an idea in mind, we’d talk about it with the other members and try to find a solution. Some of the tactics we used included asking all our members to spread the word by word of mouth (both offline and online), as well as spamming American message boards in search of Canadians. One member even suggested that we create business cards for Canadian Juice Monster members so they could be handed out at gyms and fitness clubs in our area. This turned out well because every month I would post a poll where people found Canadian Juice Monsters.

Real-World Consumer-written Steroids Reviews and Feedback

Another standout feature of CJM is its dedicated forum section where real consumers share reviews of the labs they’ve utilized. These reviews provide firsthand accounts of product quality, effectiveness, and progress. The value lies in the fact that this feedback comes from actual users, allowing you to access the latest information on lab products in Canada. Labs can evolve, and what begins as a reputable source may change over time. By regularly checking CJM, you stay informed about the most current news and reports regarding lab products in the Canadian market. We strongly recommend consulting CJM’s reviews before making any purchases of steroids lab products in Canada, ensuring your choices align with the latest user experiences and feedback.


One such website that is well-reviewed on the forum is this very site, Legacy Labs! If you want to get a pulse on how good our Canadian Anabolic Steroids are, sign up to CJM!

The Top Anabolics & BodyBuilding Forum Community in Canada 20+ Years Strong

Canadian Juice Monsters has a lot of upsides and downsides, but inclusivity and structure-based disagreements have also appeared over time. Hence the long-running nastiness and disagreement, sometimes Canadian Juice Monsters bans members for irresponsible behavior. Still, that doesn’t stop it, some members had even tried to steal your membership base and take over the Canadian Anabolic Steroid forum world–but didn’t succeed. Everywhere you go on the Internet these days people are angry at something or someone, but Canadian Juice Monsters is different. I think that’s because we’ve always cared about quality more than quantity which is why our members are valuable and knowledgeable in what they argue about. The best part? They’re all joined together in a single community as they all like what Canadian Juice Monsters stands for.


The Canadian Juice Monsters forum is a story of triumph over adversity. I’ll walk you through how the site has grown and evolved in the last 20 years. The next generation of users will find its value and unlock the treasures that remain buried deep within its pages. The future remains to be seen, but one thing is certain: we’ve been using this site for over 20 years, and it’s still going strong! Not many sites are as old or enduring as Canadian Juice Monsters.