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Novice Cycle #1

(2 customer reviews)
(2 customer reviews)

The following cycle is not for a beginner and should only be attempted by those with a fair amount of experience under their belt. 
1500mg / week25mg ED
2500mg / week25mg ED
3500mg / week25mg ED
4500mg / week25mg ED
5500mg / week25mg ED
6500mg / week25mg ED
7500mg / week
8500mg / week
9500mg / week
10500mg / week
11500mg / week
12500mg / week
1540mg / day
1640mg / day
1720mg / day
  1. Test Enanthate: Picture Test Enanthate as the strong roots of a young tree. It offers a steady flow of testosterone, ensuring a foundational support system for your muscles, granting them consistent growth, rejuvenated energy, and seamless recovery. This component guarantees that your base is strong as you reach for the skies.
  2. Dianabol: Imagine Dianabol as the spring season, bringing sudden bursts of vibrant blooms. Offering a swift kickstart to muscle development, Dianabol ensures you witness noticeable gains in a relatively short time. It’s the momentum booster every novice desires to keep the motivation soaring.
  3. Nolvadex: Think of Nolvadex as the guardian owl, perched on the tree, watching over it. While Test Enanthate and Dianabol work on muscle growth, Nolvadex stands guard, ensuring a balance in your body’s hormonal environment. It aids in preventing potential side effects like gynecomastia, making sure your fitness journey is not only effective but also safe.

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As you embark on this exciting venture, remember, every individual is a unique masterpiece. Before you delve into the Novice Cycle or any other performance-enhancing regime, it’s crucial to converse with a healthcare specialist. With informed choices, Novice Cycle #1 as your companion, and Legacy Labs paving the path, you’re all set for a journey that promises greatness. Take the leap with us, and let’s script a remarkable story together!

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