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Novice Cycle #2-3

(2 customer reviews)
(2 customer reviews)

The following cycle is not for a beginner and should only be attempted by those with a fair amount of experience under their belt. 
1600mg / week300mg / week
2600mg / week300mg / week
3600mg / week300mg / week
4600mg / week300mg / week
5600mg / week300mg / week
6600mg / week300mg / week
7600mg / week300mg / week50mg ED
8600mg / week300mg / week50mg ED
9300mg / week50mg ED100mg / week
10300mg / week50mg ED100mg / week
1150mg ED100mg / week
1250mg ED100mg / week
  1. Test Cypionate: Consider this the steady flame of a candle, illuminating your path. Test Cypionate provides a consistent, enduring testosterone boost, establishing the base for gradual muscle growth, sustained energy levels, and adept recovery.
  2. Equipoise: Think of Equipoise as the gentle wind beneath your wings. Promoting endurance, it ensures you sail through workouts with sustained energy, all the while supporting steady muscle growth. It’s the undercurrent propelling you forward without exhausting you.
  3. Winstrol: Envision this as the artist’s brush adding finishing touches to a masterpiece. Winstrol works to refine and define. By eliminating excess water and promoting fat loss, it ensures your developing muscles have a lean, sculpted appearance.
  4. Test Propionate: Imagine this as a periodic gust of wind on a hot day. Providing short, swift boosts of testosterone, Test Propionate complements the long-lasting effects of Test Cypionate, offering periodic surges in energy and growth.

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While our concoctions are crafted with utmost care and precision, everyone’s body is a unique landscape. It’s paramount to consult with a healthcare professional before diving into the Novice Cycle or any other steroid regimen. With the right counsel and Novice Cycle #2-3 in your toolkit, you’re primed for a successful and enlightening start. Embark on this promising journey with Legacy Labs, and watch yourself evolve magnificently!

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