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Intermediate Cycle #2

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The following cycle is not for a beginner and should only be attempted by those with a fair amount of experience under their belt. 
Legacy Laboratories - Premium Anabolic Steroids and SARMs in Canada
110mg / EOD75mg / EOD0.5mg / EOD
210mg / EOD75mg / EOD0.5mg / EOD
310mg / EOD75mg / EOD0.5mg / EOD
410mg / EOD75mg / EOD0.5mg / EOD
510mg / EOD75mg / EOD0.5mg / EOD
610mg / EOD75mg / EOD0.5mg / EOD
710mg / EOD75mg / EOD50mg ED0.5mg / EOD
810mg / EOD75mg / EOD50mg ED0.5mg / EOD
910mg / EOD75mg / EOD50mg ED0.5mg / EOD
1010mg / EOD75mg / EOD50mg ED0.5mg / EOD
1110mg / EOD75mg / EOD50mg ED0.5mg / EOD
1210mg / EOD75mg / EOD50mg ED0.5mg / EOD
  1. Test Propionate: Consider this the turbo starter for your body’s athletic engine. Test Propionate is a form of testosterone that provides a quick boost to muscle growth, energy, and recovery. It’s like hitting the ‘GO’ button on your physical transformation.
  2. Trenbolone Acetate: Imagine a tool that carves out your muscles with finesse. Trenbolone Acetate helps build robust muscles while also burning excess fat. It’s the sculptor’s chisel for your body, defining and enhancing your physique.
  3. Winstrol: Think of Winstrol as the gloss that highlights the beauty of a painting. By shedding excess water and promoting fat loss, it gives your muscles a hard, lean look, showcasing them in their prime form.
  4. Arimidex: This is the balancing act that ensures the show runs smoothly. Arimidex controls estrogen levels, warding off side effects like water retention and gynecomastia. It’s the silent coordinator that keeps everything in perfect harmony.

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  1. Brice (verified owner)

    The quality of these products is outstanding. I’ve experienced a boost in my workouts and overall performance since I started using them.


  2. Jarvis (verified owner)

    I love Legacy Labs. I receive my package quickly and that was very important to me


  3. zoritoler imol

    Amazing stack, Legacy! I have never experienced quality like this.

    zoritoler imol

As with all our expertly crafted cycles, individual reactions can vary, and so, a professional consultation with a healthcare provider is essential before embracing any steroid or SARM regimen. With knowledge, precaution, and Intermediate Cycle #2 at your side, the road to advanced athleticism is smooth and promising.

Legacy Laboratories - Premium Anabolic Steroids and SARMs in Canada

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