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Hunting for a good, reliable, safe source of steroids in Canada is a really tough challenge. You hear about underground steroids labs getting busted by RCMP from time to time, and that’s a really scary thought for Canadians who just want to use steroids for their health benefits. Nobody wants to get in trouble with the law, or to be involved with a company that doesn’t safeguard their data correctly. Thankfully, Legacy Labs exists, and we are here to help you buy steroids in Canada in a safe, discreet manner. Let’s talk about exactly how we do that!

Does Legacy Labs Ship Across Canada?

Yes, no matter what province or territory you live in, Legacy Labs has the availability to safely get you your anabolics, no matter where you live in Canada. We ship via Xpresspost for the utmost care in customer privacy and expedition of products. If you have not received your steroids in the mail, you can always feel free to reach out and Contact Legacy Labs via this link!

How Pure Are The Anabolics Sold At Legacy Pharma?

One word: PURE. We have an extremely loyal customer base because of this, even being featured on incredibly popular wholesaler sites like canadiananabolics.is! That’s because Legacy Labs is committed to high quality, consistent product. If you place orders even up to three years apart, you won’t notice a difference in the purity, potency or effects of any product we sell. From SARMs, to anabolics and ED Products, Legacy has got it all!

Does Legacy Labs have reviews I can look at?

Absolutely we do! Legacy labs has all of our product reviews viewable from any of the product pages. You can also see Legacy talked about on popular forums like Canadian Juice Monsters, Reddit, etc. The Canadian steroids community favors us, and we are so incredibly thankful that they are! You guys are awesome, and we appreciate everyone who visits us!

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