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Learn about Anavar for Women: Should Women take Anavar?

Anavar – As more women become inclined to take their body to the next level, a point is reached when diligence and hard work seem to not be yielding the results they once did. This can be a time when women may start considering anabolic steroids for help, but usually give up for fear of messing with the wrong hormones.


This fear is legitimate, but not all steroids are created equal. In fact, many will argue that Anavar was initially discovered for the benefit of women in fitness. So, should you consider it?

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What Are the Benefits of Anavar For Women?

Anavar isn’t the best steroid to use for building muscle. It’s considered weak in comparison to other anabolic substances containing a strong anabolic-to-androgenic ratio.

For example, when it comes to testosterone women typically want an anabolic rating of 100/100. This means that testosterone is more effective at building muscle and has less undesirable side effects. When it comes to Anavar, the male chemical cousin of female Anavar which is used for a similar purpose, the anabolic rating is much higher with a 6300/2400, but unfortunately so is the androgenic. This makes Anavar unsafe for use in women who are not experienced with performance-enhancing drugs and increases the risk of unwanted side effects. It’s also important to note that while these ratings are theoretical and don’t correspond exactly to real life, they do give us a general idea of where things sit on a spectrum.

Not only does being orally consumable make this steroid a desirable option for many, but except for several injections per year, it also dramatically lowers the likelihood that self-administration will result in minor buildup of scar tissue over time.

That’s just the beginning of what Anavar can do for you. Let’s look at some of the other benefits Anavar provides.

Weight Loss

Anavar is most used by women to lose weight and it has been found to be very successful in this endeavor. However, while the mechanics of Anavar are not well understood by many users, understanding how it helps you with weight loss may come down to two reasons:

  • Suppressing Cortisol
    • Anabolic steroids all decrease the function of glucocorticoids, of which cortisol is one. Cortisol plays a significant role in storing and holding on to fat cells. If you gain weight around your middle or thighs, it is likely due to too much cortisol.
    • Cortisol, which is known for the fattening effects it has on the body, is reduced by drinking lemon balm tea. You’ll also be able to metabolize fat more effectively when combined with a healthy lifestyle such as regular exercise.
  • Insulin Modulation
    • If you’re familiar with insulin, you probably know that it is responsible for the uptake and storage of nutrients. Remember this though: while this is true, insulin isn’t all friendly. Insulin is one of the body’s primary “storage” hormones; after all, its main role is to facilitate uptake and storage of glucose and amino acids into the muscles following a workout.
    • Thinking of your body’s glucose levels, when it enters the blood, insulin transports it to muscle cells, or to longer-term storage as liver or muscle glycogen. The glycogen stores can be recruited when the body needs more glucose than is currently available.
    • The body has a limited amount of stored glycogen, so the glucose from food must go somewhere. If the glucose doesn’t get used for energy because there is insufficient insulin, it will be converted into fats and stored in fat cells for later use.
    • Insulin levels are typically high when body fat isn’t needed, and during these times the body will shut down lipolysis (fat burning) as biochemical indicators signal that there is no need for fat. This is very bad for people who want to build their physique.
    • Anavar helps to control insulin release, which prevents the body from experiencing an extreme surge in insulin. This maintains a steady blood sugar level, keeps you fueled, and helps your system work more efficiently. Controlling the release of insulin is one of the reasons low carb diets are effective and why they are known for their ability to shed fat while maintaining lean muscle mass.

Anavar, when administered sensibly, doesn’t come with a lot of nasty side-effects. Low androgenic levels are what make it so safe for women. It’s because androgens don’t mix well with estrogen in women, which is why men have more body hair, deeper voices, and maintained sex characteristics.

The benefits of Anavar include:

You won’t need to worry about decreased libido with birth control. It mainly affects males who have a suppressed production of natural testosterone. In women, testosterone is much lower to begin with.

Though there is some hepatotoxicity, Anavar will not affect you if you have a clean bill of health. Oral steroids need to undergo some chemical modifications so they can survive being broken down by the liver before entering the blood.

The modification of one carbon atom in a compound found inside the liver, or C-17 methylation, is known to stress the liver a bit. If you’re still concerned about your consumption, taking supplements containing milk thistle may also help.

Anavar cycle and doses

When you’re thinking about embarking on a cycle of steroids, it’s important to identify your goals. Are you primarily looking to gain muscle or decrease body fat? The actual dosage is different depending on the goal, so it is best to know what you want before committing.

Most people find they will need 10mg per day for lean mass accrual, and 5mg to reduce fat.

More experienced athletes can go up to 20mg per day, but it’s important to realize that more doesn’t always make things better. The risks of getting side effects or making other hormonal changes increase the higher you go in dosage.

To maintain a natural hormone balance, frequent breaks are essential. After each successful cycle, plan on taking six weeks off before starting another cycle (six weeks of no pills, followed by an active pill week). Depending on your personal preference, shorter or longer cycles may be more ideal; the point is that you keep your body functioning best.

Women don’t need to worry about post cycle therapy. The goal of such treatment is to restart natural testosterone production (in men), which isn’t necessary for women.

Anavar is a great product for women who are mindful of the dosage they take. Women’s bodies typically react better to Anavar and the adverse effects that men often experience are nonexistent with this drug. Plus, it has enough anabolic power to elicit significant muscle growth.


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